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    28 june 2023

    The new Ford Ranger Raptor shows its claws

    A tuning box for the new Ford Ranger Raptor 3.0 Twin-Turbo Ecoboost 292 bhp arrives in the P-Tronic catalogue.

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    31 march 2023

    The range of VW boxes is expanding

    P-Tronic is expanding its range of tuning boxes for a wide range of VW models: from the small Polo 1.0 TSI to the Grand California TDI 204 bhp, not forgetting the Caddy, the Tiguan and the Touran.

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    17 august 2022

    P-Tronic technology in the press

    Sudinfo profiles P-Tronic: the technology that increases engine power and reduces fuel consumption (article & video)

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    25 february 2022

    Tuning boxes for electric motors coming soon !

    Faced with the changes affecting motorisations in the car fleet, P-Tronic's engineers are developing tuning boxes for reprogramming full electric motors.   

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    26 january 2022

    Renault Arkana: a symbol

    Among the new products at the beginning of 2022, the tuning boxes for the Renault Arkana 1.3 TCE confirm the trend towards the increasing importance of petrol engines in 100% combustion or hybrid configurations.

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    06 december 2021

    The new Fiat Ducato is already equipped

    The tuning boxes for the new version of the Fiat Ducato are available. Still very popular with both motorhome and van owners, these P-Tronic powerboxes combine efficiency, ease of installation and safety. This explains their success. 

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    15 september 2021

    New Ford Ranger on the way

    The Ford Ranger has been the leader of its segment in Europe for years and is about to reinvent itself. And no doubt it will borrow some of the F-150's strong points.  

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    12 august 2021

    The Audi RS Q3 2.5 boosted to 460 bhp

    The fourth Audi Q3 of the second generation to receive its tuning box, the Audi Q3 2.5 RS offers an increase of 60 bhp with the P-Tronic.

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    08 july 2021

    Welcome to Cupra !

    The Cupra brand is now part of the P-Tronic tuning boxes catalog.

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    10 june 2021

    Extension of the Renault-Dacia 1.3 TCE range

    P-Tronic is extending its range of tuning boxes for 1.3 TCE petrol engines to 6 power levels on 13 Renault and Dacia models.

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    17 may 2021

    29 Mild Hybrid engines at BMW

    P-Tronic is equipping some thirty BMW models equipped with Mild Hybrid engines with new box-units.

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    28 february 2021

    Mitsubishi L200: P-Tronic to the rescue of 2.2 DI-D

    Unanimously recognized as being too weak from the outset, the 2.2 DI-D 150 hp of the Mitsubishi L200 is truly transformed once the P-Tronic tuning box has been installed.

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    18 january 2021

    VW Tiguan 2021: gentle evolution

    The tuning boxes of the VW Tiguan TDI and TSI remain as relevant as ever for this 2021 version of the SUV, more technological than ever.

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    22 december 2020

    Performance box for Ford Ranger Raptor: efficiency recognized

    Among the most popular P-Tronic tuning boxes, the one for the Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 biturbo occupies a first-rate position.

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    15 september 2020

    Jaguar F-Pace: introspection

    The facelift of the Jaguar F-Pace SUV welcomes the arrival of new engines. Half of them can already receive a P-Tronic tuning box.

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    09 august 2020

    P-Tronic at the service of the futuristic Mercedes S-Class

    What better case for the P-Tronic additional boxes than the new Mercedes S-Class, a real jewel of technology! A model of which most of the latest versions are now able to gain in performance.

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    10 july 2020

    Audi Q2 2020: from 150 to 200 hp in just a few clicks

    Audi launches its new Q2 in early September in a 150 hp TFSI version. A core range to which the P-Tronic box raises the bar to 200 bhp!

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    02 march 2020

    The BMW i8 in the spotlight!

    A P-Tronic tuning box is proposed for the BMW i8 Coupe and Roadster. It allows it to go from 374 to 444 hp and from 570 to 681 Nm.

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    11 february 2020

    P-Tronic comes to support of the Toyota Supra 2.0

    While the GR 340hp 3.0 continues to delight purists, next month Toyota will launch the Supra 2.0 258hp for which a performance tuning box is already ready.

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    14 january 2020

    A performance chip for the VW T-Roc 2.0 R 300 hp

    Three months after its launch, the VW T-Roc 2.0 R 300 bhp is equipped with a performance chip whose performance makes you dizzy.

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