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    New Ford Ranger

    Announced for 2022, the new generation of the Ford Ranger will obviously not be shy about its future. Photographed and filmed in camouflage, the pick-up is more than ever built for off-roading. Nothing seems to stand in its way, even the most extreme situations. The disguise reveals a very different model from the current Ranger, more angular and resolutely inspired by the new F-150 design.

    Nothing is known today about the engines that will be fitted to this evolution of the Ranger, but given the success of the 4-cylinder diesel, in particular the 2.0 twin-turbo 213 bhp that equips the Raptor in particular, it is hard to imagine the manufacturer doing without different versions of this 4-cylinder engine, as well as the top-of-the-range version of what is still Europe's best-selling pick-up truck. Solutions that will undoubtedly be enriched by hybridisation formulas in which Ford has already demonstrated its efficiency. There is a lot of work ahead for P-Tronic, whose tuning boxes for the Ford Ranger have been popular for many years with both the lucky owners of the model and the brand's dealers.

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