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  • P-Tronic additional box-units are manufactured by Speed-up srl

    Who are we?

    P-Tronic box is the result of a very sharp approach to motor preparation, mainly oriented towards turbo diesel but also to latest generation turbo petrol and hybrid. This tuning box brand (designed to increase horsepower and torque of vehicles) is manufactured and marketed by the Speed-up srl. Incorporated in July 2002, the company is headquartered in Belgium (Spa).


    The manufacturing process is based on the one hand, on the acquisition of quality components (digital and digital electronic boards, connectors, wiring, box carcasses, ...) from various Belgian suppliers and, on the other, on their assembly and custom programming for each type of injection in the production unit of Speed-up. This work is the responsibility of internationally renowned automobile engineers. Equipped with two power banks (Bosch FLA 206 and Maha R1), this unit also enables new products to be perfected, in line with evolution within the automobile sector. Three to six new boxes are thus developed every day.


    The marketing of the tuning boxes is provided via the www.ptronic.be,  www.ptronic.fr,  www.ptronic.es and www.ptronic.com eshops, and by a network of trade commissioners who canvas professionals in the automotive sector in most European countries. This functioning model has enabled P-Tronic to climb, in just a few years, to the ranks of leader on the worldwide market. From its base in Belgium, P-Tronic today supplies private and professional buyers in 59 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

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    P-Tronic is a market leader.

     P-Tronic today supplies private and professional buyers in 59 countries

    From Belgium to 59 countries all over the world.

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