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  • Dacia Duster Hybrid 140: a new solution!

    Opinions are unanimous on this 3rd generation Dacia Duster. The low-cost SUV image of previous versions has been consigned to oblivion. Not only does it have a modern, well-groomed look that leaves nothing to be desired, both inside and out. But the Duster is also taking advantage of the switch to a new platform to upgrade its equipment level and add hybridization. As with the Jogger, the Duster's full non-rechargeable hybrid is powered by a 94 hp 1.6 diesel engine supported by two electric motors: a strong one (49 hp) for driving, and a lighter one for starting. Too light for some people's taste, especially as start-ups are systematically carried out in electric mode. P-Tronc does not have a tuning box for this Duster, but offers another solution developed by its sister company, Drivao.

    The Drivao for Dacia Duster hybrid 140 uses a box to be connected in the passenger compartment to give this friendly SUV a completely different flavour. It is more responsive both when starting off and during all phases of acceleration. This device also features additional functions: a mode that increases range and reduces fuel consumption, one that regulates transitions during city driving, one that limits power and one that renders the vehicle unusable in the event of attempted theft. Find out more about this revolutionary accessory here: Drivao for Dacia Duster Hybrid 140.

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