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    The development of power boxes for reprogramming the electric motors of cars and light commercial vehicles is the result of an implacable logic. When the car fleet was dominated by supercharged diesel engines, the bulk of P-Tronic's offer was oriented towards increasing the performance and torque of these electronically injected engines, in particular those with common rail. With the demonisation of diesel, manufacturers have sprinkled their ranges with petrol turbochargers. P-Tronic followed the trend by developing adapted engine reprogramming boxes, just as when hybrids made their appearance, combining electric solutions with petrol or diesel engines.  

    Today, a radical change seems to be in the offing. The famous European Green Deal provides that 100% of cars and light commercial vehicles sold from 2035 will be zero-emission vehicles. Our continent is moving in this direction, but the major Asian countries and the United States are also announcing their desire to seal the fate of combustion engines. For an equipment manufacturer such as P-Tronic, even if many petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles will remain on the road beyond this deadline, it is now that this change is being prepared. For several months, developments have been carried out in the workshop and via road tests to improve the performance of these full electric engines. These concern vehicles of German, Asian and French brands. Some validations still have to be carried out and it is not yet time to market them, but the results of some of our prototype box-units are particularly promising and engaging! We will keep you informed as soon as our first devices dedicated to these 100% electric vehicles are launched on the market.

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