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    The arrival of the first tuning boxes for Renault Arkana 1.3 TCE 140 and 158 HP confirms a strong trend. That of the now clear domination of petrol engines in the new P-Tronic models. Thermal solutions which can be associated with hybridisation (as in the case of the Arkana) or not. This reality can be seen, at the same manufacturer, with the arrival in the catalogue of performance chips for the new Renault Express 1.3 TCE 102 HP, but also through the success of boxes for well established models such as the Clio V 1.3 TCE 130 HP or the Megane IV 1.3 TCE 140 HP. It is also taking shape at Peugeot with the 308 1.2 PureTech 110 and 131 HP and at Skoda where the performance of the Fabia IV 1.0 TSI with 95 HP and 110 HP can now be spectacularly improved. Proof that the P-Tronic R&D team never rests!

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