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    Apart from its Fiat logo, which is now written in full letters, and its full LED headlights, the latest generation Ducato does not show any significant changes at first glance. Inside, it is more substantial. A new digital dashboard appears as well as the U-Connect infotainment system and a host of new driving aids. On the mechanical side, optimizations of the 2.3 Multijet allow it to reduce its emissions and consumption by 7% while passing the Euro 6D Final standard. In terms of power, the Ducato remains at 120 bhp/300 Nm, 140 bhp/350 Nm, 160 bhp/350 Nm and 180 bhp/400 Nm, which P-Tronic continues to equip with box-units that are among the most affordable in the range, increasing power and torque to 161 bhp/375 Nm, 181 bhp/396 Nm, 204 bhp/428 Nm and 220 bhp/487 Nm respectively. All this while systematically reducing diesel consumption by an average of 15% (depending on driving). This explains why these tuning boxes for the Ducato are among P-Tronic's best sellers.

    tuning box Fiat Ducato

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