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Customer Testimonials about our boxes

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Roberto DG, Italy


During 2012 I was looking for a tool able to provide my Audi A5 with more power and torque therefore I started to surf in the web. Got, out of many other, P-Tronic site that gave me a good feeling as professional and trust-able supplier. Thus I've contacted them and got the box for my car: AMAZING! Since then I've been driving and enjoying the great features provided by this simple tool, easy to install and I've even gained fuel saving as my A5 is now able to run over 1030Km with one fuel refill!!!! Before was only 940Km! Morover the agility and fast reaction makes me more comfortable and safe when needed. Thus I want to make public congratulations to P-Tronic team for the good work done without forgetting their kind availability when support is needed!!


Alan W., Malaysia

Not just a small improvement

I've checked and you're right, one of the pin was not properly installed. I took the casing out and reinstall it myself. Now it works... And the power of my car is not just a small improvement, its HUGE!!..Thank you..


José M B, Guatemala

Significant diesel consume reduction

Yesterday I installed the box, and I have used my car around 100 kilometers. It really works, not just in better torque and HP (better agility), but a significant diesel consume reduction. Congratulations.


Stefan C., Belgium

Extremely pleased with the result

I want to thank you for the good support and delivery of my P-Tronic. I am extremely pleased with the result. Originally my car always lost power at 2000 rpm, my airco wasn't working good and accelerating was hell, after the installation of the box, which was quit simple all those problems got solved. No more power lost, excellent cooling of airco, and a joy the accelerate. I told the story to my garage and they had to admit that they could not solve the problem and that after the installation of the box the problems are solved... You guys helped me a lot !!! THnx again.


Denis H., Ocean Shore, Australia

On Mercedes Sprinter : I'm very Impressed !

To all at P-TRONIC ! We would like to thankyou for the great service in delivering my order! It arrived yesterday and I am very impressed with the speed it took to get here ! I installed it immediately and took my Mercedes Sprinter on a short run, on my familiar roads, and noticed the difference in the power up a grade that I would normally manage in top but I had power to spare ! So far I am VERY impressed !


Deon M., Hong-Kong

Thanks for your kind co-operation

I was received the products yesterday. Thanks for your kind co-operation. Have a nice day!


Martin P., England

My car now goes like a rocket !!

Everything is OK now. I pushed the plugs in really hard and this seem to correct the problem. My car now goes like a rocket !!


Rudy D., Brussels

P-Tronic box-unit on Alfa Romeo 156 JTD

I bought a second hand car with a P-Tronic in it. At first I was a bit frightened about driving with it, and I took it out after a few weeks. But when it had been taken off, my car (An Alfa Romeo 156 JTD) had much less punch and used more fuel! I had it put back, and I've never had any problems with it. 


Mikael J. N., Dannemark

It works great, thank you!

I've just recived the p-tronic, and it works great !
 Thank You


Carlo W., Luxembourg.

A Mercedes 200 CDI or a 220 CDI?

I had long been hesitating between a Mercedes C200 CDI and a C220 CDI. When I took some advice, I realised that the only difference was the programming of the injection. So I went for the smaller version with a chip tuning box from you. Instead of paying 2,200 Euros for the larger version, I only spent 530 and the result is the same. 


André, Profondeville

Great chip

Great chip. Thanks.


Vanessa T., Jodoigne

Easy to install : I'm not even a blond!

I was a little concerned about fitting the box-unit myself because I am useless where mechanics are concerned (and I'm not even a blond!). But I did it easily. The instructions and photos are very clear. And it works really well. Thank you.


Martin, south of France.

Tuning box on Kia Sorento CRDI

I am a happy owner of a Kia Sorento, and I drive in warm region with the air conditioning always on. Fuel consumption suffers, but it' so much more pleasant. I got it 3 months ago, and it has 6,000 km o the clock and is very satisfying. I had it checked at 1,000 km and at 5,000, with an oil change. The bill was 159 Euros. The engine holds 8.2 litres of oil with a filter. This may seem a lot but it may be a guarantee of safety. Checks are carried out at 1,000, 5,000, 15,000 and then every 15,000 km. The Sorento is even more enjoyable since I fitted a P-Tronic box unit (site distributed in France by Eurofac. I no longer have to strain the engine to drive in difficult conditions. The vehicle moves along on its own and in total silence. Moving up the revs is crisper and still remains progressive. I hardly have to accelerate to go from 0 to 100, and the speed with which this happens is disconcerting. The gears engage energetically and I'm soon in fourth, whereas before I had to stay in second and third for many seconds. And I've read all your messages carefully. Diesel engines don't take to brutal treatment. You have to drive them with tranquil rhythm, and scrupulously follow the maintenance schedule. The box-unit is not a racing accessory. It brings pleasure to the vehicle which becomes so much more agreeable to drive, conferring an impression of tranquil power, while still giving you the opportunity to leave the boy racers behind.


Roland S., Mersin, Turkey

Do not hesitate, get this box!

Hi! Just a short note. For anybody who owns a BMW X6 x-drive 35d (2010): do not hesitate, get this box, drive away with it and you\'ll be absolutely impressed!! The X-tra performance, the X-tra strength, the sound... WOW!


Stephan R., Brussels.

More than 100.000 km with my chip tuning

I just want to tell you that I bought a ptronic chip tuning four years ago, and I've done more than 100,000 km with it. You can get one ready for my new Golf, which is waiting for me at my dealer.


Koen S., Apeldoorn

Good brand image of the product!

Following our telephone conversation of today, could you tell me how to proceed in order to send back to you the defective box-unit for my BMW 525d Touring e61 10/2006? (...) ? First of all I would like to thank you for the professionalism of your after-sales service. 
You enhance the brand image of the product and the company. Kindest regards.


Patrick G, Jette.

A box to tow my heavy caravan

I had planned to change my car to tow my heavy caravan without overheating problems. A friend told me about you and I bought a ptronic chip tuning. I have just come back from holidays and I can tell you that your thing works 100%! I no longer have my foot permanently on the floor, the engine heats less and seems to turn over more smoothly. How does this happen?


Bertrand P., Witry-les-Reims

Impeccable service

I thank you for your speed in sending the box-unit. (...) Thank you for your impeccable service!


Carl D., Journalist

I set off as a guinea pig for P-Tronic

Without any particular technical knowledge, I set off as a guinea pig for Ptronic, and what astonished me right from the start was the increase in the car's energy as soon as you get above 1500 revs. Once this first impression is gone, it is above all the comfort which the extra torque brings which amazes. It gives a sensation of 'tranquil power'. And this is something you usually only get with large engines. As the operation seems neither to be of any risk to the engine, nor to increase polluting emissions, you win all the way round, or almost, as any possible increase in tax or insurance premium is compensated by the decrease in consumption as demonstrated by the on-board computer.


Luc F., Kontich.

A P-Tronic tuning box in my motor-home

I have just installed your product in my motor-home Fiat Ducato. I got a friend to help me because I don't even know how to open the bonnet, but he had it fitted in 5 minutes. Now I have real pleasure in driving and I feel more secure because I feel I have a certain reserve of power.


Franck H., Ostend

Saab 9-3 : already paid for itself

I cover around 80,000 km per year in my Saab 9.3 and I bought the P-Tronic because I was told it would enable me to make fuel savings. I installed it myself without problem, and after 6 months (41,000 km) it had already paid for itself. And that's without even mentioning the increase in power. From 150 to 194 bhp. Phenomenal! 


Paul M., Gerardmer

I didn't recognise my own car!

I bought a box-unit before leaving for my holidays because I only have a 90 bhp TDI (VW Golf VI 1.6) and I had to leave heavily loaded. I didn't recognise my own car! What pleasure in driving! Thank you and keep up the good work.


Tim M., England

The unit performs brilliantly!

Thank-you. I had not connected one of the plugs properly and next time it did "Click". All is now well and the unit performs brilliantly!


Miguel L., Portugal

Always treated with great attitude

I would like to thank you for you professionalism in solving all my queries. I was always treated with great attitude and I will definitely recommend your company.


Steve P., England

A fantastic peace of kit!

I have purchased one of your units several months ago. It is a fantastic piece of kit.


Guillaume S., Paris.

Hyundai i30: the difference in acceleration

The top speed doesn't change (on Hyundai i30), but you can still feel the difference in acceleration. 


Pascal F., Mareuil/Lay

Thank you !

I thank you and congratulate you for your commercial qualities.
The dossier was very well followed up and very efficient.


Bruno P., Dole

I will recommend you to my friends

Your after-sales service is of remarkable quality. I will not hesitate to come back to you for further products, and I will certainly recommend you to my friends.


Philippe T., Tienen

My Alfa 159 consumes less

Hello. My Alfa Romeo 159 2.0 JTDM 170 pk consumes less since I have been driving with your kit. And it drives better.


Raoul D, Charleroi.

You changed it for me in 48 hours

I telephoned your help desk to say that my box unit wasn't working, and they changed it for me in 48 hours. Now it works. Thank you. 


Christophe G., Verviers.

My Opel Vivaro has got its wind back

My Opel Vivaro was a bit dodgy where power was concerned, especially when loaded. With the P-Tronic kit, it's got its wind back, especially on hills. And there's more torque too, which I especially appreciate when I'm driving in town.


Pierre J., Viesville

Well designed

Congratulations on your site: very well designed and very explicit!


Quentin L., Antwerp.

Super tuning box

Super tuning box. Pity you can't change it to another vehicle.


Dany W., France

I'm no longer driving a donkey!

It's like this, I have a 2006 Golf 1.9 tdi 90 bhp with 18 inch wheels. Because of these, I had lost power, but I acquired a P-Tronic IP chip tuning 2 years ago. (...) The tuning box works superbly, despite the large size of my wheels! I'm no longer driving a donkey! Thanks.


Stijn P., Hasselt.

I put it in my Bora 3 months ago

Super chip tuning! I put it in my VW Bora 1.9 TDI 3 months ago. At the beginning, I really pushed it. But then I calmed down. Now I use about 1 litre less fuel. 


Eric W. Liège.

Fantastic difference on Peugeot HDi 109 bhp with a trailer

Fantastic difference on my Peugeot Expert HDi with my trailer. Especially on hills. 

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