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Champion Georges Jobé has remained baba!

The improvement power and torque is significant. I felt directly input torque from low revs. The confirmation came over the miles, says champion Georges Jobé which has equipped its BMW X6 case of a P-Tronic.



A Mini with a "chip" Gain: 1 liter per one hundred!

Surprise, our Mini test displays a declining consumption of a liter per hundred kilometers! And driving pleasure also big winner of the installation of P-Tronic box
Auto Loisirs

Eric Heidebroek


Adapted power

Yes, there are chips or reprogramming of electronic boxes that are effective and safe. But it is important to know who you talk to. And true professionals are not legion. So take a ride on the website of the company P-Tronic.
Auto Trends

Frédéric De Backer


A chip in your engine

Changing just a few parameters t electronics to increase performance and torque. Le Soir looks at the phenomenon of additional tunning box and in particular P-Tronic.
Le Soir

Pascal Binon


Fleet Management: the inevitable question of fuel

With P-Tronic box, the fleet manager makes a huge operation to save fuel without the need to change driving behavior.

Johan Debière


Engine optimization: more horses power pleasure

The tuning box plays on the tolerances of origin of each car programs. Can be in absolute return a valid 'common core' for a BMW X5 and a Hyundai Santa Fe
Option 4x4

Laurent Couturier


Reducting diesel consumption

P-Tronic Customer profile ? Good fathers, not tuning enthusiasts. They are attracted by the performance gain but also by lower fuel consumption.
La Libre Belgique



Test on BMW X5

Tested on BMW X5, the P-Tronic tuning box provides a superior driving pleasure, better recovery driving at lower rpm. discover a new driving pleasure.
Auto Loisirs



P-Tronic tunning box for targeting USA cars

The United States are turning gradually to diesel solutions to power their cars. P-Tronic is interested in this market to equip additional tunning box to these engines which have often already made ​​a career in Europe and thus can readily accommodate a kit of the brand.
La Meuse

Laurence Briquet


The police and even the army !

If we compare it with the original behavior of a car, the car respond as a 400kg lighter , says the officer who tested the device. I even had to adapt my behavior in intervention. As you get faster in the curves and so you have to brake earlier

Al. D.


Chip in your engine

The power increase became increasingly affordable and product real results, with including power curves and better torque.
Federauto Magazine


Chips to boost horsepower

Tested during 2,000 km, the P-Tronic box enables lower consumption of diesel which saves € 200 per year for 25,000 kilometers drive per years.
La Libre Belgique



At full power

Presentation of the concept of the tuning box through a small portrait of P-Tronic, a young company, dynamic and full of ambitions on the international markets.
Trends Tendances

Frédéric Moser


P-Tronic tuning box

It is quite possible to enjoy better performance while making savings through tuning boxes. We tested the method.
Le Soir Illustré

Frédéric De Backer


Export or die

CCI Mag highlights the importance of international activity with P-Tronic additional boxes selling in more than 60 countries on five continents.


Special turbo Diesel !

equipped with standard connectors, enclosures P-Tronic can be installed in minutes even by novices. 5 year warranty, these kits have received European certification TÜV seal of quality.
Action Tuning


The number one chip is Herve!

P-Tronic, a company of ten employees based in Grand-Rechain does not know the crisis. With its revolutionary smart cars, 4x4 and trucks, this SME is No.1 worldwide additional enclosures.


Testing the additional box on Peugeot 206 HDi

As light as a 206 car from 0 to 100 km / h increased by more than a second and a half and even exceeds blithely 2 seconds in fifth gear!
Diesel Mag


Enhance the power of your engine with P-tronic, Do it yourself !!!!

Improve your engine with P-Tronic, it's easy. Do it yourself! Moreover, according to our research, the P-Tronic box installation is perfectly legal.
Union et Actions


Reconciling performance and simplicity

Save fuel while having a better power reserve and torque is what allows an additional housing. We tested the product on a van 95 bhp. The results are impressive.
L'Utilitaire léger

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