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P-Tronic offers a reduction of 15% for all on-line purchases, and delivery costs are free all around the world.


We guarantee an exclusive range. 100% of P-Tronic tuning boxes are provided with the original connectors, whereas most of our competitors can only offer them for 80% of the range. The installation of the remaining 20% requires cutting and welding, with all the risks and problems this entails...


Any engine turbo diesel or turbo petrol has a system of "making safe" that cuts the turbo when the mechanics were overstretched. Simply restarting the engine to return to the original configuration and thus to "recover" its turbo in perfect condition. Unlike many other kits market power and alternative reprogramming top box P-Tronic still maintains this current setting to preserve the turbo under load excessive.


Some competing brands to P-Tronic use simple brocaded standard computer to interface between the housing and the engine plugs. This device is all but sealed. It can cause the oxidation of the housing components and, more importantly, a short circuit in the electronics of the vehicle. Through their connector plugs original , the P-Tronic additional box guarantee free reliable, water resistant, dust and sand. Several crews from Dakar we are also confident and equip their vehicles with our product.


P-Tronic customer service is available 7 days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm.


In case of technical problems with the case, we promise to respond within 24 hours your call or e-mail .


P-Tronic guarantees the best quality / price ratio on in the market. 100% of customers are satisfied because even in case of inconsistency between the vehicle and the case we every effort is made to provide a customized solution.


P-Tronic tuning boxes are manufactured in Belgium in our workshops, by car mechanic enthusiasts. Electronic components are manufactured by Quality System while the connectors and wiring are all original and top quality .


P-Tronic is exclusively positioned in the tuning box-engine turbo diesel and turbo petrol . This makes it undisputed expert in this field , which is felt to both in the level of research and quality boxes.


If you change your vehicle and the tuning box is no longer compatible, P-Tronic is committed to assists you for resale.

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