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P-Tronic tuning box: simplified fitting, easy connection

Movie of a fitting example of P-Tronic tuning box.

There is a certain paradox in that P-Tronic manufactures high technology tuning boxes but they can be fitted by anyone. The reason is simple. It is linked to the intrinsic qualities of the product.

Whereas previously, the preparation of an engine necessitated substantial modifications, the P-Tronic system is simple and easy... the tuning box is fitted with connectors specific to each brand and each model.
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Expert hands are far from being required to mount a P-Tronic tuning box.

With P-Tronic, the connecting plugs for all the tuning boxes are identical to those of the car manufacturers. This makes placing the box-unit extremely simple and makes an error in connection impossible. There are no wires to be soldered, no mechanical parts to be dismounted. The installation is a simple matter, in the majority of cases, of connecting plugs, and it takes less than five minutes. 


Child's play, not requiring any knowledge or technical aptitude.
Federauto Magazine

Each case comes with an illustrated manual with the clarity of explanation leaves no room for doubt, even for people who have never opened a hood ...

As an option, a cable permanently connected to a switch enabling the tuning box to be activated or deactivated can be supplied. But it is rare for users to install this, because the permanent effect of P-Tronic is the best guarantee of having extra power available at the moment when it is really needed.

Example of illustrated instructions for fitting a tuning box

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