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P-Tronic additional performance chip : Power and torque for turbo-diesel and petrol engines


 P-Tronic manufactures and markets additional electronic performance chip which improve the performance of all types of diesel-engined and petrol vehicles equipped with a turbo: TDI, HDi, JTD, d, dCi, CDI, CGI, TSI, TFSI, D4D, CRDI, TID, TD, TDCI, DTI, TDS, XDI, CDTI, DI, DDiS, DES, THP, T-JET...

These plug-in power engine tuning enable power to be increased by 25 % and torque by 35% on average, in perfect safety, while also decreasing fuel consumption by around 15% and lengthening the life of the engine.




Seen in medias

« “Increasing driving pleasure while reducing pollution is possible!” The ‘Le Soir Illustré’ magazine turns to the test bed and to the roads to try P-Tronic additional box units. The results speak for themselves (article in French). » - Le Soir Illustré

« Presentation of the additional box unit through a portrait of the P-tronic company, a young and dynamic company full of ambition for the international markets (article in French). » - Trends Tendances

« No, you don’t need any special skills to give your tractor or combined harvester more power and torque. On modern engines this modification is very simple thanks to the electronics (article in Dutch). » - De Loonwerker

« Who is a typical P-Tronic customer? Normal, prudent and responsible citizens, not tuning fanatics. They are attracted by the increase in performance (25% in performance and 35% in torque) but above all by the decrease in fuel consumption (article in French). » - La Libre Belgique

« Georges Jobé has fitted his 286 bhp BMW X6 35d with a P-Tronic box unit. He confirms to Sudpresse just how easy the power increasing device was to fit and how it astounded him by its effectiveness (article in French). » - Sudpresse

« P-Tronic, a company of around a dozen people based in Grand-Rechain, has not suffered from the crisis. Thanks to its revolutionary chip for cars, 4 x 4’s and trucks, this SME is world number one in additional box units (article in French). » - Sudpresse

« Tested over 2,000 km; the P-Tronic box unit enables a decrease in diesel consumption which can lead to savings of around 200 euros per year for a driver covering 25,000 km annually (article in French). » - La Libre Belgique

« Yes, there are chips and electronic box unit reprogramming which prove to be efficient and safe. But it is important to know who you are dealing with. And true professionals do not grow on trees. So go and take a look at the website of the P-Tronic company (article in French). » - Auto Trends

« Test of the P-Tronic box unit on a 115 bhp Seat Alhambra TDI. The 0 – 100 km/h sprint is cut by almost a second on this very heavy vehicle (article in Spanish). » - Autopista

« Through the manufacture and sale of power box units for turbo-diesel and turbo petrol engines, a company hailing from Eupen (Belgium) has found a fruitful market niche and avoided the crisis (article in German). » - Grenz-Echo


Georges Jobé tests the P-Tronic additional box unit on his BMW X6

Georges Jobé drives a BMW X6 xDrive 35d 286 bhp equipped with a P-Tronic additional box unit.

10 good reasons for preferring P-Tronic


We guarantee an exclusive range. 100% of the P-Tronic diesel and petrol performance unit-box are supplied with original connectors whereas most of our competitors can only offer them on around 80% of the range, the installation of the remaining 20% requiring wires to be cut and re-soldered, with all the risks that entails...


P-Tronic offers a reduction of 15% for all on-line purchases, and delivery costs are free.


P-Tronic performance tuning box - units are manufactured in Belgium, in our workshops, by people with a passion for mechanics. The electronic components come from Quality System, while connectors and cables are all original and of superior quality.


P-Tronic performance chip - units are well-known for their reliability and their resistance to water, dust and sand. Several teams in the Paris-Dakar rally regularly put their confidence in us and fit their vehicles with our products. Certain brands which are competitors to P-Tronic use simple computer plugs to make the connection between their box-units and the engine. This system is everything except waterproof. It can cause oxidisation within the box-unit and, worse, lead to a short-circuit in the vehicle's electrics.


Our client service is available 7 days, from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.


If the power chip-unit breaks down, we commit to react within 24 hours following your call.


P-Tronic guarantees the best quality-price ratio on the market. 100% of our clients are satisfied because, even in a case of incompatibility between the vehicle and the box-unit, we will seek out a personalised solution.


If you change your vehicle, and your existing power box - unit is no longer compatible, PTronic commits to helping you re-sell it.


P-Tronic is exclusively involved in additional box-units for diesel and petrol engines. This makes us an undeniable expert in this field, a factor which can be seen both in the level of research and the quality of our products.


Every diesel engine is fitted with a 'security mode' system which cuts out the turbo when the mechanics have been put under too much pressure. Simply restarting the engine puts it back to its original configuration and therefore enables the turbo to be 'recuperated' in perfect working order. By contrast to other power kits on the market, P-Tronic additional box-units maintain this active parameter in order to preserve the turbo in cases where too much is asked of it.