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  • P-Tronic tuning box: simplified fitting, easy connection

    There is a certain paradox in that P-Tronic manufactures high technology tuning boxes but they can be fitted by anyone. The reason is simple. It is linked to the intrinsic qualities of the product.

    « Whereas previously, the preparation of an engine necessitated substantial modifications, the P-Tronic system is simple and easy... the tuning box is fitted with connectors specific to each brand and each model » - Union & Actions

    With P-Tronic, the connecting plugs for all the tuning boxes are identical to those of the car manufacturers. This makes placing the box-unit extremely simple and makes an error in connection impossible. There are no wires to be soldered, no mechanical parts to be dismounted. The installation is a simple matter, in the majority of cases, of connecting plugs, and it takes less than five minutes.

    « Child's play, not requiring any knowledge or technical aptitude » - Federauto Magazine

    Each case comes with an illustrated manual with the clarity of explanation leaves no room for doubt, even for people who have never opened a hood ...

    > Example of illustrated instructions for fitting a P-Tronic tuning box

    Movie of a fitting example of P-Tronic tuning box.

    Expert hands are far from being required to fit a P-Tronic tuning box.

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