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The safest means to boost engine performance

tuning box operation
Installation between the calculator and the injection system.

The best operational reliability

P-Tronic tuning boxes are installed in line between the calculator, whose signal as defined by the manufacturer they receive, and the injection system. A position which guarantees their functioning, even if the cartography is re-initialised. The information they receive is analysed, electronically modified, then sent to the injector pump, to the rail or directly to the injectors, according to model.

This permit an increase in engine longevity.

On P-Tronic box-units, all connections are made using plugs identical to the originals. This enables rapid installation (from a few seconds to a few minutes) with no soldering, and guarantees an optimal connection quality.

Finally, the power unit P-Tronic is programmed to meet the limits set by the original vehicle manufacturer. He maintains active function as "securing" turbo other parameters Original protection.

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