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The P-Tronic tuning box, a device to reduce its consumption of diesel

how to reduce diesel consumption
11% savings in fuel.

A more sober engine

In addition to an increase in power and torque, the installation of a P-Tronic tuning box in a turbo diesel engine generates a significant reduction in fuel consumption. This is explained by the fact that the injection reprogrammes an increase in torque more quickly and therefore exerts less stress on the motor. It therefore provides better performance with additional configuration in the original box, with speeds comparable systems. This reduction in fuel consumption has been noted by many professionals (see: P-Tronic in the press)

On a BMW X5 3.0, consumption falls by a good 2 liters in motorway driving and a liter or more on mixed routes.
Auto Loisirs
diesel gauge
With the P-Tronic box, fuel savings in equivalent driving are substantial.

The consumption test

Their results even deliver results which exceed the 11% savings in fuel obtained by our own test, carried out on a Toyota Avensis D4D, the results of which are below

Test conditions

Weather: dry, 12 ° t ° C.
Distance and speed: 750 km, multiple stretches between 90 and 140 km/h.
Vehicle: Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D.
Gear used: 5th

Results :

how to for reduce diesel consumption of the vehicle 10 to 15%? Consume less fuel with P-Tronic.
P-Tronic Customer profile ? Good fathers, not tuning enthusiasts. They are attracted by the performance gain but also by lower fuel consumption.
La Libre Belgique

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