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  • The P-Tronic tuning box, to decrease consumption by at least 11%

    A more frugal engine

    As well as an increase in power and torque, the installation of a P-Tronic tuning box-unit in a turbo-diesel, petrol or hybrid engine generates substantial fuel savings. This is explained by the fact that the reprogramming of the injection brings with it a quicker rise in torque, and the engine is therefore put under less pressure. This in turn leads to a better yield with the box-unit than in original configuration, at identical speeds and engine levels. 
This extra frugality has been observed by many professionals (read the section on P-Tronic in the press).

    "On a new BMW X5 3.0, consumption drops by a good 2 litres on the motorway, and by more than a litre on the mixed cycle." - Auto Loisirs

    The test

    Their results even deliver results which exceed the 11% savings in fuel obtained by our own test, carried out on a Toyota Avensis D4D, the results of which are below:

    Test conditions:

    Climatic conditions: dry weather, 12° C

    Distance & speed: 750 km, multiple stretches between 90 and 140 km/h.

    Vehicle: Toyota Avensis D4D

    Gear used: 5th

    Results :

    "If you take an average consumption of 8 litres, for a driver covering 25,000 km per year, the saving is 200 Euros." - La Libre Belgique

    fuel savings

    Our test on a Toyota Avensis D4D showed an 11% saving in fuel.


    decrease consumption

    With an additional box-unit, you have to fill up less often.

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