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P-Tronic tuning boxes, safety for the vehicle and its occupants

Safety first with the p-tronic chip tuning
Safety for vehicle occupants is increased thanks to the installation of a chip tuning.

Safety of occupants

By equipping his vehicle with a P-Tronic tuning box, the driver has at all times an extra reserve of power available to him to overtake, or to climb a hill. He can move into the traffic more quickly, more safely and more smoothly. He is more relaxed behind the wheel due to this, and his stress level is noticeably diminished.

Safety of the vehicle

The P-Tronic tuning boxes act solely on the injection of fuel. All the other electronic settings (ABS, ASR etc.) are maintained as set by the manufacturer. 
Another guarantee of security: in a case where the chip tuning should fail, its programming means that there is an automatic return to the original programming, which is still active thanks to in-line installation. The fitting is also surrounded by absolute security: installation requires no cutting of wires or soldering, it is carried out using the original plugs, which eliminates any risk of connection error. The systematic use of these plugs also guarantees for all the families of chip tuningoptimal connection quality and total water-proofing, even if the engine is frequently washed. As for the electronic components, their location in housing made from ABS offers them maximum protection against shock, extreme climatic conditions, and any electro-magnetic reverberation.

Changing just a few parameters t electronics to increase performance and torque. Le Soir looks at the phenomenon of additional tunning box and in particular P-Tronic.
Le Soir
Original plugs means safety
With the original plugs and programming enabling a return to original configuration, the P-Tronic tuning box do not represent any danger for the vehicle.

Box memory

The P-Tronic chip tuning also include an integrated system for recording the data supplied by the engine during its last 24 hours of functioning. This data is recorded directly in the tuning box and not in the original cartography.

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