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The P-Tronic chip increase engine's lifespan

turbodiesel engine
Performance and longevity of turbo diesel engines are increased with the P-Tronic box.

P-Tronic tuning box: Long life to your diesel or petrol engine!

Increase the longevity of a turbodiesel engine or turbo petrol with equipment that increases the power and torque, is it possible? The question is often asked. Many automakers curb the power output of their original vehicles. But with P-tronic, engines can deliver the full extent of their abilities. Designed according to the characteristics of each model of vehicle, the P-Tronic box liberates the engine, enabling it to perform in the manner for which it was designed. Operation under these conditions is obviously healthier for mechanical organs.

P-Tronic boxes free engine from the constraints imposed by vehicle manufacturers.

Less strain on the engine

Compared to the situation before installing the P-Tronic performance-enhancing box unit, a driver has to do less. The acceleration time is shorter, less sluggish, more efficient and the engine suffers less. However, the history of a vehicle is written every day. It would be wrong to believe that the box unit itself will extend the life of the engine. With or without a box unit, responsible and careful use of the vehicle is always required.

Changing just a few parameters electronics to increase performance and torque. Le Soir looks at the phenomenon of additional tunning box and in particular P-Tronic.
Le Soir

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