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  • P-Tronic tuning box-units, long life to your engine

    The P-Tronic tuning box increases the longevity of the turbo-diesel, petrol and hybrid engines

    Increasing the longevity of your engine with equipment which adds to its power and torque, is that possible? The question is often asked of us. Many manufacturers limit their original vehicles. Their engines cannot therefore fully express their capacities.
Studied in accordance with the characteristics of each vehicle model, the P-Tronic additional tuning boxes enable the engine to be liberated, to perform as it was designed to perform.Functioning under these conditions is clearly more healthy for the mechanical parts.

    Asking less of the engine

    The increase in the life-span of the engine is also induced by the fact that to obtain performance comparable to that of the vehicle before placing the box-unit, the driver has to ask less of the engine. Acceleration is shorter, less laboured, more efficient, and the engine suffers less. It is of course clear that the vehicle's life is affected every day. And if the driver does not respect the mechanics, believing that a box-unit is an elixir for long life, major problems are on the horizon. With or without an additional box-unit, no engine can stand up to unreasonable use.

    Long life to your engine with P-Tronic

    The yield and longevity of turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol engines are increased by P-Tronic tuning boxes.

    More longevity with P-Tronic

    Long life to your car.


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