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P-Tronic Marine to increase the power of boats

P-Tronic Marine provides extra power and torque, decreases consumption and above all, adds to the pleasure of piloting your boat.

The P-Tronic Marine chip tuning can be fitted to most turbo-diesel engines used in boats.

Boating reinvented

Specialists in the increase of power and torque of electronic injection turbo-diesel engines since their introduction onto the market in the middle of the nineties, P-Tronic has built up unprecedented know-how in this domain. Expertise which is now benefiting the nautical sector through P-Tronic Marine.
This chip tuning adapts the fuel injection parameters in order to provide up to 30% extra power and torque. And the result is that the pleasure of piloting your boat is greatly increased, while diesel consumption is reduced by around 15% thanks to the improved yield from the engine generated by the P-Tronic Marine.

Continuous research

The P-Tronic Marine can be fitted to the major brands of turbo-diesel engines used in boats: Mercury, Saab-Iveco Marine, Volvo Penta, VW Marine and Yanmar. 

It stands out first of all through the simplicity of installation which does not require any mechanical knowledge.
All P-Tronic Marine tuning boxes are self-feeding and are simply plugged into the engine’s common rail using the manufacturer’s original connectors. No equipment is necessary. No soldering to carry out. No cables to be drawn… All you have to do is pull out a connector on the motor and plug in the chip tuning.

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