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Chip tuning : 8 reasons to choose P-Tronic

• Save fuel from 10% to 15%

• Enhance the driving of your vehicle

• Fast and easy setup

• Box 5 years warranty
Increase the longevity of your engine/turbo •

Increase engine power from 20% to 25% •

Manufacturer warranty preserved •

Satisfaction or money back •

Engine power
Increase of 25-30%

To provide different levels of power and torque on the basis of a single motor vehicle manufacturers use a similar to that used by the P-Tronic additional box technology: reprogramming the injection. This technology saves 25 to 30% more power and torque. It is by far the safest, most reliable, most efficient and most profitable in the long term.

In the lab and on the road

To calibrate its tuning boxes to the injection systems they fit, P-Tronic performs all its measures on a 4x4 power Bosch FLA 206 bench. This tool, which can reveal powers above those originally announced by car manufacturers, enables engineers to develop P-Tronic tuning boxes that meet, in a tangible and verifiable manner, the prescribed tolerances of the manufacturers. It also ensures the enhancement of power values and real torque, reinforced by a road test.
car on road

ptronic power bench

Dyno test
objective results

The dynamometer is also used at the request of customers who want to check the performance increase generated by the case on their vehicle. When they come to the workshop, a first pass is made with the original vehicle. The computer records the data. The tuning box is then connected and the vehicle makes a second pass. At the end of this, the computer has the data with and without box. It puts them in parallel to objectify the increased torque and power in the form of numbers and graphics.

diesel gauge

Reduction 10-15%

In addition to an increase in power and torque, the installation of a P-Tronic chip tuning in a turbo diesel engine generates a significant reduction in fuel consumption. This is explained by the fact that the injection reprograms an increase in torque more quickly and therefore exerts less stress on the motor. It therefore provides better performance with additional configuration in the original box, at same speed.

Test on a Toyota D-4D

Tests carried out by specialized press deliver results that exceed 11% of fuel saving revealed by our own test, performed on a Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D, with the following results:

consumer table toyota avensis
toyota avensis

diesel engine

Increased motor durability
Paradoxical? No, logic!

Increase the longevity of its turbodiesel engine or turbo petrol with equipment that increases the power and torque, is it possible? The question is often asked. Many automakers to curb their original vehicles. Engines can then give the full extent of their capabilities. Designed according to the characteristics of each vehicle model, the P-Tronic box frees the engine, making it the amplitude of action for which it was designed. Operation under such conditions allows to increase its lifetime.

Vehicle solicitation
Responsible driving

Compared to the situation before installing the P-Tronic chip tuning, a driver has to do less. The acceleration time is shorter, less sluggish, more efficient and the engine suffers less. However, the history of a vehicle is written every day. It would be wrong to believe that the box unit itself will extend the life of the engine. With or without a box unit, responsible and careful use of the vehicle is always required.

P-Tronic guarantees
Safety and peace

5 years warranty

The P-Tronic boxes are covered by a full 5 year warranty. This involves the case, electronic components, connectors and wiring. The P-Tronic warranty also covers the cost of the possible return from our workshop to the customer's address.

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100% satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective of P-Tronic. All methods are implemented to work towards a satisfaction rate of 100%. This concerns both the ordering process, delivery of goods, ease of installation case, the effectiveness of the latter and the various aspects related to after-sales service. A desire to satisfy our customers located in every part of the quality charter which endorsed our company.

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