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    For his work, André Delhez swallows up 55,000 km per year. He is commercial director of a company which sells specialised equipment for rest homes. This father of two young girls is a regular driver of turbo-diesel powered cars. But he didn't know the additional box-unit. So no preconceptions, either positive or negative.  
Within the framework of this test, André received his box-unit by post, as do many P-Tronic clients. He is asked to install it himself..

    « When you approached me to test your product and you explained how it would all take place, I have to admit to having some misgivings when I found out I would have to delve under the bonnet myself. But when I opened the box stamped with the P-Tronic logo, I very quickly realised that this would cause me no problems. The explanations were clear, and illustrated with photos. Fitting the box finally took me about two minutes. »


    The verdict on the road

    Now the additional box-unit is connected, let's see what the verdict is on the road. André lives in the centre of a medium-sized town. So leaving his home first means joining the urban traffic.  

    « With 204 bhp under the bonnet, my BMW is already pretty powerful. But despite this, I immediately felt an unmistakable difference with the box-unit. Torque was released earlier, and gave the engine even more suppleness, which is very pleasant in town »
. Confirmation on the motorway
. « I can't deny that the first thing I wanted to do was find out what the box-unit could do in terms of power. And I was very surprised. The extra power was such that I had to change my habits. When you regularly drive the same route, you know when you have to change gear, when you have to slow down... With this box-unit, I realised that not only could I change up more quickly, but that the extra torque meant I could stay in a higher gear, where before I would have to change down. The additional power and torque are therefore a reality, but the most astonishing thing is without doubt the way the box-unit does its work. So discreetly. You can't tell when it cuts in, or when it cuts out, it is impossible to sense the transition. It becomes a veritable part of the engine. »


    What about fuel consumption?

    « The first time I filled up with diesel, I realised that I had used more fuel than before", admitted André. "But I quickly realised why. Taken in by the novelty and the rediscovery of my vehicle, and wanting to test the box-unit, I drove in a different way at first. But after a few hundred kilometres I had learned how to use the additional box-unit intuitively and manage the extra power better. And the second time I filled up, I was very surprised to discover that my consumption had dropped by 0.8 litres per 100 km compared to my normal results! The entire process is really convincing! » 

    The test was completed by a trip to the power unit at the P-Tronic development centre, in order to put some figures to the experience André had just been through.The verdict: an extra 58 bhp and 114 Nm. 

    Vehicle: BMW 330d

 204 bhp

    Power with P-Tronic box: 265 bhp => observed increase in power: 58 bhp, or 27,63 %

    Torque with P-Tronic box: 524 Nm
 => Observed increase in torque: 114 Nm, or  27,49  %

    Fuel consumption:
 original calculated level: 7,5 l/100 km
, level with P-Tronic box-unit: 6,71 l/100 km
 => Decrease : 0,79 l/100 km, or 10,53 %

    The box-unit: P-Tronic PT-A-76022
, type : Common rail, price : 522,75 Euros incl. VAT (if bought on-line)

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    additional box-unit bmw 330d

    Testing an additional box unit was an exhilarating experience for this commercial director.

    box-unit bmw 330d 204 hp

    The PT-A-76022 is one of the highest performing additional box-units in the P-Tronic range.

    chiptuning bmw

    The installation of the additional box-unit posed no problems for André.



    bmw 330d 204 bhp

    "The extra power was such that I had to change my habits"

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