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    Engine reprogramming kits for CitroŽn C1, C4 and Spacetourer

    Power and torque for CitroŽn HDi, BlueHDi, THP and Puretech

    The tuning box-unit for CitroŽn has been introduced in all modern diesel and petrol engines in the entire range of the chevrons. An overview of the main models concerned by this increase in performance by external reprogramming in the P-Tronic style.

    P-Tronic manufactures tuning box-unis to increase the power and torque of all versions of the CitroŽn C4 equipped with HDI, Blue HDi and THP engines:†the classic model in its three generations, the C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso, the Cactus, Aircross, Spacetourer and Grand C4 Spacetourer versions.†A real chameleon that can accommodate up to 7 people in its compact, coupť, saloon, crossover or MPV versions.†
    In a similar vein, even if the model offers fewer variants, the CitroŽn C3 does not shy away from the increase in power and torque offered by P-Tronic. The three generations of C3 that have followed since the model's launch in 2002 are concerned, as well as the C3 Pluriel cabriolet, the C3 Picasso minivan and the C3 Aircross urban suv.

    Reduced fuel consumption, with a C5 petrol car too

    Below this versatile model, the P-Tronic catalogue allows the external reprogramming of the C1 city car and the short-lived C2 in its two diesel proposals. In the larger sizes, the C5 wagon is also included in the three versions which have appeared since 2000. The first two are only available with tuning box-units for HDi engines. The third version is open to the new BlueHDi and THP petrol engines. This diversity is even greater on the compact C5 Aircross suv, whose small Puretech engine can also claim an increase in power and torque thanks to a multi-connection box. The installation of this box-unit using original manufacturer plugs does not require any technical or electronic knowledge and the effects are also felt in the fuel consumption values, which are down by 12%.

    Performance for station wagons

    This variety of solutions is also found in the reprogramming programme using a tuning box for the Berlingo van, which includes petrol engines and different generations of Hdi, e-HDi and BlueHDi diesel engines, the latter being particularly well represented in the CitroŽn model which has positioned itself as a mobility asset for large families: the Spacetourer van to which P-Tronic provides up to 37% more torque and power (on the 1.5 BlueHDi 120 bhp model).
    And even the 2CV and the BX are not part of the programme, CitroŽn is one of the manufacturers whose diversity of offer is reflected in a very wide range of boxes. This range includes not only cars but also light commercial vehicles and motorhomes, where the main arguments used by users concern the gain in torque and the reduction in consumption offered by these tuning boxes for CitroŽn.

    Tuning box-units for CitroŽn C5, Berlingo, C3 and Aircross

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