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  • VW Golf The VW Golf Bluemotion comes fitted, just like its big sister the VW Passat Bluemotion, with the 105 bhp 1.9 TDI engine producing 250 Nm of torque. The engine's idling speed has been revised downwards, and has been flanked with filters which enable it to achieve a fuel saving of more than half a litre per 100 km, and to emit 16 grams fewer of CO2. It should also be noted that with a P-Tronic box-unit, the Golf Bluemotion climbs to 143 bhp and 321 Nm, and saves even more fuel! Meaning that (only in Germany) you can get to 190 km/h faster, the top speed to which this Golf is limited.
    From an aesthetic point of view, the experienced eye will note the modified radiator grill and sills, which help the coefficient of air penetration on the Golf Bluemotion: 0.30 against 0.32 for a classic Golf. It's the details that count?

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