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  • toyota land cruiser The evolution of Toyota's large ground-eater is largely based on technology. The Land Cruiser receives Multi Terrain Select, a system which impacts on power and the braking system according to the characteristics of the terrain. Adaptive suspension is on offer, as is active ground clearance control. For more difficult manoeuvres or terrain, the driver has the help of four cameras and Steering Angle Display, which shows on a screen the position and trajectory of the wheels. A few evolutions in the cab are also worth pointing out: new steering wheel controls, JBL audio system etc.
    No change in the armoury, however. The 173 bhp, 410 Nm 3.0 D-4D remains king, with the V6 petrol also available. A slightly reworked engine whose emissions of CO2 now amount to 214 grams per km, which is 24 grams per km fewer than its predecessor. As was the case for this latter, the new model can be equipped with the EPT440074 P-Tronic additional box-unit which provides an extra 51 bhp and120 Nm.

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