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  • volvo xc60 If the 2012 version of the Volvo XC60 is already being talked about, it is because the model is selling very well and stocks of the previous vintage have evaporated much more quickly than expected.
    The principal innovations are that the diesel offering is optimised while the petrol offering is quite simply removed, the 2.0T disappearing down the hatch. The manual box versions receive stop&start.This enables the XC60 D3 163 bhp and D5 AWD - whose power is increased from 205 to 215 bhp - to lower their emissions of CO2 to 149 grams per km. It should also be pointed out that the automatic Geartronic box of the XC60 D5 AWD sees its torque move up from 420 to 440 Nm. The current additional box units have already been adapted to these new power blocks.

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