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  • hyundai santa fe Aesthetically, it takes a (very) well-trained eye to spot the changes in the Hyundai Santa Fe, even though its grill, headlights, exhaust pipe, wheels, side protection and skirt have been reworked. The main innovation is under the bonnet. The Santa Fe adopts the 2.2 CRDi of its cousin, the Kia Sorento. This is an efficient block producing 197 bhp and 436 Nm of torque from 1800 revs. Allied to an automatic 6-speed gearbox, this permanent 4x4 'only' emits 176 grams of CO2 per km. Very respectable, in view of its size. And to help the driver keep his foot off the gas, Hyundai has provided an Eco-coach. This device congratulates economical driving with a green coloured light on the dashboard, which turns to red when the right foot presses too hard on the accelerator pedal.
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