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  • renault megane The new Renault Megane is radically different from its predecessor. Its differences are present at (almost) all levels. The Megane is slightly longer and its track is wider than the previous model. Its design plays with curves and stretched lines, with a result that is pleasing to the eye both outside and inside, where the style is somewhat improved, particularly thanks to the appearance of some quality materials. Renault has also paid great attention to the safety of this Megane: lateral shock absorbers, thorax/pelvis airbags, new ventilated discs, rethought out drive trains and chassis? Where engines are concerned, diesel remains king with a dCi offering which keeps the 1.5 dCi 85 and 105 bhp, ultra-popular with clients of P-Tronic. To these are added the 90 and 110 bhp versions. The new 130 bhp dCi producing 300 Nm of torque is also available, with dCi 150 and 160 bhp to come later.
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