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  • P-Tronic comes to support of the Toyota Supra 2.0


    Performance chip tuning for Toyota Supra gr


    A performance chip has already been available for the Toyota GR Supra 3.0 for several months. From 340 bhp and 500 Nm, this GT flies up to 436 bhp and 621 Nm thanks to a complex gearbox whose multiple connections allow a particularly optimized external reprogramming. Today, P-Tronic is anticipating the release of this monster's little sister: the 258 bhp Supra 2.0 turbo. Here again, the same working logic is respected on the technological level to exploit the full potential of this new four-cylinder. The result is a 44 hp and 99 Nm increase in power that is perfectly matched to the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. It's a real treat.

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