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  • nissan murano Up to the present time only available in petrol version, the Nissan Murano will receive a diesel engine from September. The lucky winner is the four cylinder 2.5 dCi unit in 190 bhp and 450 Nm version. This engine, well known in certain of the group's utility vehicles, has received new 2000 bar injection for use in the SUV. It will be allied to a six speed automatic gearbox of 'intelligent' type. According to the type of driving, it optimises the gear changes and takes advantage of engine braking when going downhill by moving to a lower gear. The Murano 2.5 dCi will be equipped with a particulate filter as standard. Another little pleasantry on this Murano is its special Nissan 'scratch shield paint'. Based on elastic resin, it absorbs scratches and keeps the painted surface in an impeccable state.
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