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  • mitsubishi pajero The new Mitsubishi Pajero is hardly changed on the aesthetic front. All it boasts are a few new body colours and redesigned alloy wheels. The evolution has to be sought elsewhere. The Japanese engineers have improved the sound insulation of the 4x4 and given it an all new multimedia system, including amongst others a 40 giga hard disk.
    The major innovation is to be found in the engine compartment. The 4-cylinder 3.2 Di-D has been in fitness training. It has moved up from 160 to 200 bhp and from 371 to 441 Nm, with the added advantage of fuel consumption reduced by around one litre per 100 km, giving 8.5 litres/100 km for the 3-door and 9.6 litres/100 km for the 5-door. CO2 emissions are also down by 11%.

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