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  • mitsubishi outlander The new Mitsubishi Outlander incarnates a new strategy from the manufacturer, which is looking to leave the off-road domain and concentrate on its road-going range. The front of the Outlander has been restyled with this in mind, giving it a more aggressive and aerodynamic look. The interior has also been completely reworked. Under the bonnet are to be found the 2.0 DI-D 140 bhp from VW and the 2.2 DI-D 156 bhp from PSA. This latter can be allied to the excellent TC-SST double clutch transmission. Two modes are available: normal and sport. For this version, P-Tronic continues to offer the CPTBN02, a digital box-unit which provides an extra 47 bhp and 75 Nm. This augurs well for this engine, which is a little stretched in trying to get the 1,755 kg of the beast moving and still leave room for a few sensations?
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