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  • tuning box unit mini coupe sd So the Mini Coupé has just come out into the open. The model is 3 cm lower than the classic Mini and can only accommodate two passengers. No rear seat then, but a 280 litre boot accessible via a hatch into which a spoiler is integrated, which deploys at 80 km/h and goes back into place at 60 km/h. A control in the cab enables this spoiler to be deployed manually.
    To be launched in September, the Mini Coupé will be offered with 122, 184 and 211 bhp petrol engines. The Coupé will also exist in Cooper SD version, 136 and 143 bhp diesels, for which P-Tronic can already offer a latest generation digital additional box unit, the same as in the classic Cooper, the Clubman and the Countryman.
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