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  • mercedes glk First unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, the Mercedes GLK is beginning life at the same time as the Audi Q5, rubbing shoulders with the BMW X3. The threesome promises to cause quite a few waves in light of the expected success of this compact SUV category and the arguments set out by the three protagonists.
    The Mercedes GLK is above all a 4-wheel drive. But it is also a well thought out cab, taking comfort elements from the M and S Classes in particular. Supported by the multi-disc clutch, the Agility Control suspension adapts to driving conditions. An off-road pack includes regulation for the ESP, the accelerator and the 7G-Tronic gearbox. All of this makes the GLK the best battler of the German trio.
    The engine options include two V6 petrol engines and two turbo-diesels. At entry level is the 220 CDI BlueEfficiency producing 170 bhp and 400 Nm. Then comes the 320 CDI which puts out 224 bhp and 540 Nm. Two engines already known to us and which P-Tronic can equip with latest generation digital box units.

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