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  • mazda diesel The objective of Mazda is to reduce by an average of 30% the fuel consumption of the engines in its range by 2015. This reduction will not be achieved via the hybrid route. To arrive at this aim, the manufacturer will first of all use the stop/start system across its model range (a system which cuts out the engine every time the vehicle stops and starts it again when the driver wants to set off). The company's device for doing this will be called Smart Idle Stop System and will be more efficient than the models currently on the market, because rather than using the starter motor to restart the car, it will call on the injection system. Secondly, a new generation of diesel engines has been announced for 2011. Mazda promises that these units will be powerful and clean, and fitted with a system for reducing NOx emissions. Models compatible with E85 super-ethanol are also planned.
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