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  • mazda cx-7 What can we say about the facelift of the Mazda CX-7? That it can mostly be seen on the inside. The chassis becomes stiffer, the shock absorbers and steering have been newly thought out. Equipment levels are improved. Mazda has announced the inclusion of a high resolution screen, a system warning of the approach of other vehicles and a link to the emergency braking system. But the main innovation in this 4 wheel drive SUV with torque distributor comes in the engine compartment. Joining the 2.3 D SI petrol is the MZR CD 2.2. A turbodiesel developing 173 bhp and 400 Nm. This is an indispensable weapon if the CX-7 is to carve out a market share for itself in Europe. The P-Tronic additional box unit for this engine is currently under study.
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