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  • ford fiesta The new Ford Fiesta has been announced. Stylistically, it has nothing to do with the current model. Built on the platform of the Mazda 2, this Fiesta is both lighter and more dynamic. More contemporary, it is tempting to say. A status which is confirmed by equipment such as keyless opening, a USB portal, steering wheel commands and a fuel cap with a device preventing the wrong type of fuel to be selected. Under the bonnet, by contrast, Ford is keeping the diesel engines we already know: a 1.4 TDCi producing 68 bhp and 1.6 TDCi producing 90 bhp. Right from the start of marketing, this Fiesta with world-wide ambitions (it will be sold on four continents) will be able to be equipped with a P-Tronic box-unit which will enable an increase in power and torque of around 30%.
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