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  • citroen c5 The CitroŽn C5 is not the model with the youngest image of the manufacturer's range. But this C5 Airscape concept which will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show may very well banish this image. Because the specialists all believe that behind this cabriolet are hiding the lines of the new generation C5. Some see German inspiration in its looks (VAG in particular) but this C5 retains the CitroŽn stamp which can be found in the lines of the C4, in a less aggressive presentation.
    Under the bonnet of this C5 Airscape is a diesel engine capable of running on bio-diesel: the 208 bhp V6 HDI. An engine linked to an alternator-starter which has been named Urbanhybrid thanks to a device which cuts the engine when the vehicle comes to a halt and starts it again once the driver presses the accelerator.
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