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  • bmw x6 The BMW X6 represents the Bavarian manufacturer's ambitious entry into the Sport Activity Coupe segment. No point in looking, this is a totally new segment. Much more than an X5 coupe, this BMW X6 is a 5-seater with aggressive looks but which is nevertheless elegant, characterised by a roof-line which slopes right from the B-pillar to join with the edge of the hatch. A design which reduces the side glazed areas but which amply emphasises the sporty nature of this redoubtable model.
    Marketed from the beginning of 2008, the X6 will doubtless be equipped with the same engines as the X5 at the beginning. From the outset it will therefore be able to receive even more sportiness, as the entire engine range of the X5 is already covered by P-Tronic.

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