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  • tuning unit bmw serie 1 The changing style of the BMW 1-Series is firstly evidenced by its size. The model gains an extra 8.5 cm in length and 3 cm in wheelbase. And by its grill too! The lights and skirts are modernised and the rear also evolves. The cab receives a cockpit oriented towards the driver and there is more equipment. The work on the engines is not to be neglected either. Apart from the 118d which retains its characteristics (136 and 143 bhp), the diesel engines move up a notch. The 116d increases to 116 bhp and the 120d to 184 bhp. Polluting emissions and fuel consumption are down. When the 1-Series is marketed in October, P-Tronic will already be able to supply additional box units suited to these upgraded engines.

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