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  • audi Audi is to invest 7.3 billion Euros, of which the lion's share (6 billion) will be destined for the development of new models and new methods of propulsion, with hybrids and electricity heading the list. This is an ambitious objective, because Audi wishes to become one of the biggest names in full hybrids from as early as next year. At the end of this year, the Q5 will set the pace with a full hybrid version going on sale. And before that, Audi will have launched the A1, A7, A8 and R8 Spyder. In total, 8 models will thus be launched in 5 years. This evolution necessitates modifications in the production factories. The idea is to assemble the current models in the most efficient manner and to prepare them to accommodate the new models. In figures, this represents an investment of 2.5 billion Euros at Ingolstadt (A1, A3 and A4) and 1.3 billion at Neckarsulm (A6, A7 and A8).
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