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  • audi a3 cabriolet It's true, Audi wants to make its models economically viable by increasing model options. The A3 is the proof of this. First available as a 3-door, it was then launched as a Sportback. Now, a cabriolet version is being launched. A model with the same sporty looks at the front which we already know, but whose rear end has been totally redesigned, inspired by the rear of the new A4. The hood is canvas. It can be folded either semi-automatically or totally automatically, even while moving (up to 30 km/h). This hood makes the A3 particularly silent once it is up.
    In the engine compartment, Audi is proposing two petrol units developing 160 and 200 bhp, and above all two diesels. The first of these is the 1.9 TDI producing 105 bhp and associated with the 6-speed manual gearbox. The second is the new 140 bhp Common Rail. This can be equipped with the double declutching S-Tronic gearbox. This transmission is compatible with the P-Tronic additional box-unit developed for this model.
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