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  • less consumption As well as acquiring a P-Tronic box unit which saves 10 to 15% of fuel, other avenues are open in order to reduce fuel consumption. Renault sets out 6 rules to be followed to reduce the fuel cost by up to a further 20%:

    1. Optimise gear changes. Change down at around 1000 revs and change up at 2000 revs with a diesel.
    2. Drive gently: keep a regular speed (at over 40 km/h), use engine braking.
    3. Accelerate briskly under 50 km/h and more progressively at higher speeds.
    4. Keep a stable speed when descending and keep, if possible, to over 40 km/h on slopes.
    5. Turn off the engine if you will be stopped for more than 30 seconds. Do not 'warm up' the engine before starting in the morning, even in winter. Set off as soon as possible after starting the engine.
    6. Check tyre pressures each month, do not use the air conditioning except when necessary, do not carry unnecessary loads, and take off roof racks and bars when not in use.
    Enjoy your motoring!

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