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  • For several very good reasons:

    - By contrast with installing a chip, the installation of a P-Tronic box-unit does not imply any modification to the original cartography, which is both dangerous in new vehicles where the electronics are more and more advanced, and irreversible.

    - Chip tuning requires hours of installation, and soldering; in short, it has to be done by a professional. A P-Tronic box-unit is plugged in with no need for mechanical or electronic knowledge.

    - An electronic chip can only be fitted once, on a single vehicle. The P-Tronic box-unit can be removed in the same way it was fitted: in just a few minutes. It can therefore easily be taken off and fitted to another compatible vehicle.) . Une puce électronique ne se monte qu’une fois et sur un seul véhicule.

    - The chip tuning operation consists specifically of increasing the turbo pressure, with all the risks that entails (breaking the engine). P-Tronic additional box-units only affect the parameters of the injection of diesel.

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