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  • P-Tronic tuning box-units, more torque and power for LUV's

    Does your van lack punch?

    A utility vehicle is a working tool. A tool in which an independent, a worker or a site team spends (too) many hours. Often heavily loaded, sometimes unreasonably so, the utility vehicle sometimes crawls along. To the point where the slightest incline sends the speedometer into free-fall... Time, money and productivity are all lost. 
And these problems are all the more to be regretted as most turbo-diesel engines have the capacity to give higher performance than the original levels, but they are limited by the manufacturers.

    "I installed it immediately and took my Mercedes Sprinter on a short run, on my familiar roads, and noticed the difference in the power up a grade that I would normally manage in top but I had power to spare !" - Denis H. Australia

    P-Tronic provides power, torque and frugality for utility vehicles

    P-Tronic provides a response to this cruel lack of performance which confronts numerous users of light utility vehicles. Its tuning box-units for turbo-diesel engines enable the engines to be liberated, power and torque to be increased by 25% and 30% respectively. 
The driving pleasure for utility vehicles is therefore noticeably heightened, along with the security of occupants and other road users. And finally, the chip tuning enable fuel consumption to be decreased by around 10% for equivalent driving styles, an extra economic argument not to be sniffed at.

    > List of light utility vehicles (< 7.5 tonnes) which P-Tronic equips

    tuning box unit for van

    More performance for light utility vehicles with P-Tronic.


    boost luv

    A utility vehicle is a work tool, so allow it to deliver its potential.

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