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  • P-Tronic tuning box-unit for motorhome, extra torque and power

    Power, torque and safety for your motorhome

    Because it has been established that many motor-homes are under-powered, P-Tronic has specially developed additional chip tuning (box-units) enabling power and torque to be increased for these motor-homes. And better still, the P-Tronic box-units provide, under equivalent driving styles, decreased fuel consumption for your motor-home. So your holiday budget can be revised downwards!

    Performance when loaded

    The use of the P-Tronic tuning boxes provides a response to the major problem of motor-homes: the lack of resources to overtake or to climb steep hills. With the additional 25% of power and 35% or so of torque that it brings, the box-unit leads to more fluid driving, less need for gear changes, even if the motor-home is heavily loaded. Safety is therefore also improved.

    Real holidays

    With less demanded of the motor-home driver, he is less stressed and more confident about the capabilities of his vehicle. The holidays then become even more enjoyable for the whole family. 
A motor-home means total freedom on holiday. It would be a pity to risk ruining this through a simple lack of performance, when the solution is right there in front of you.

    List of motorhomes which P-Tronic equips

    power and torque for fiat ducato camper

    P-Tronic provides a response to the under-powering of numerous motor-homes.

    boost camper

    Now it's possible to revise the holiday budget downwards.

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