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  • The P-Tronic tuning box unit for forestry equipment

    P-Tronic is now offering an tuning box for forestry equipment. Working amongst the trees is a specific and demanding task. The harvesters and forwarders are machines which have to work in extreme conditions. They need to be agile, manoeuvrable and provide a high degree of power in order to move, fully loaded, over terrain which is often very sloping.

    Torque is the key

    The engines of these machines have the specific characteristic of offering good power, but above all a very high degree of torque. Up to 1,300 Nm on certain of the machinery we equip. And it is precisely on this point that the P-Tronic Forest box unit works. It supplies extra torque to the tune of around 25%. This can be used on a daily basis on machines for which the operator may have underestimated, when purchasing, the performance levels he really needs. On other machinery this torque may be needed on a more occasional basis in extreme conditions or for certain clearance operations.

    Lower fuel consumption

    In parallel with this, the P-Tronic Forest box unit leads to fuel savings of 10 to 12% for equivalent use. Very substantial gains for the operators of these often thirsty machines.

    P-Tronic currently equips the models of harvesters and forwarders from Ponsse, Valmet Komatsu Forest, HSM and Kotschenreuther.

    > Harvesters and forwarders which P-Tronic can equip

    Tuning Box for forwarder

    The P-Tronic tuning box enables substantial increases in performance and a decrease in diesel consumption of 10 to 15%.

    Tuning box for harvester

    Forestry work requires exceptional torque.

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