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    A more economical and more powerful car

    Whatever some may say, the diesel engine remains a major part of the car fleet. Not only is diesel fuel cheaper than petrol, but a diesel engine is more pleasant to drive, even if it has its requirements.
 With the evolution of pollution standards, it has also become cleaner. 
    Another advantage of a diesel engine, when fitted with a turbo, is that its power and torque can be increased by fitting a P-Tronic box-unit. This equipment also saves fuel. Proof that increased performance and fuel economy are perfectly reconcilable! How can this be achieved? Simply by releasing the intrinsic power of these engines, allowing them to better exploit their potential. Acknowledged by the trade press, fuel savings (10 to 15% diesel) are made possible by the higher efficiency induced by the gearbox. As for the increase in power and torque, in the order of 25 to 35% on a car, SUV, 4x4 or monovolume, it is generated by reprogramming the injection timing.

    « Higher driving pleasure is achieved, with crisper take-up and at lower engine operating levels »- Auto Loisirs 

    Never-ending research

    The engineers at P-Tronic are adapting every day to the evolution of this automobile sector, which explains why we are equipping more and more turbo petrol engines and hybrid petrol-electric and diesel-electric engines. Our tuning boxes are therefore the subject of incessant research which materialises every week with the release of new products. Our catalogue is therefore enriched on a daily basis. 

    The list of cars, 4x4s, monovolumes and SUVs that P-Tronic can equip with a performance box can be seen by clicking on the link below. You can also make a selection by make, model and engine via the catalogue selectors, visible in the centre of each page of this site. If the model you wish to equip is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    > Choose the brand, the model and the engine type which interests you

    powerful diesel car

    There are circumstances in which a car lacks power.

    more power for monospace, less consumption

    P-Tronic, tuning boxes for cars, SUV’s, monospaces and 4x4’s.

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