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    Tuning box-unit for camper Fiat Ducato

    Power and torque for Fiat Ducato

    The tuning box-unit for Fiat Ducato engines is one of the best-selling external reprogramming systems for motorhomes. And for good reason! No less than three out of four motorhomes in Europe are built on a Ducato basis. For the past 14 years, the model has been consistently voted "Best Motorhome Base of the Year". No less than 700,000 models have been produced in the 40 years of its existence.

    Fiat Professional is therefore unquestionably THE leader in the leisure vehicle market for which P-Tronic has developed tuning boxes which increase not only the power but also the torque of the engine, which is what many motorhome owners are looking for to compensate for the weight of their mobile homes. This is especially appreciated on the motorhome, the integral or the Camper Van Ducato and generates diesel savings of 12 to 15% depending on the driving style adopted. When you know that the average consumption of a 2.3 Multijet is between 9 and 10.5 l/100km, it is clear that the reduction in consumption induced by the box makes it a useful accessory. Especially in these times!

    Multijet and JTD engines

    P-Tronic offers different models of tuning boxe-units depending on the generation and engine of the Ducato. While the flagship model is the 2.3 Multijet Euro 5 and Euro 6 in versions from 120 to 177 hp, the 3.0 Multijet is also well represented. In parallel, the P-Tronic catalogue allows the old 2.0 JTD, 2.3 JTD and 2.8 JTD to be equipped. This is without any risk of accelerating the wear and tear of the engines, even if they already have several hundred thousand kilometres on the clock. In fact, the reprogramming via P-Tronic boxes not only takes into account the tolerances prescribed by Fiat but the performance gains which they offer allow less strain to be placed on the mechanics with a comparable effort. The pleasure of driving is therefore enhanced by the increased longevity of the vehicle.

    Talento & Scudo motor homes

    The P-Tronic box can also be installed in the Fiat Talento and Scudo motor homes, whether they are in the Van with lifting roof, Combi or converted van versions. These are models with smaller dimensions which are suitable for lovers of smaller escapades or short trips. The box is mainly installed in the 1.6 Multijet, 2.0 JTD and 2.0 Multijet engines from 90 to 163 hp. As with the larger Ducato models, the additional boxes for Talento and Scudo are connected by means of a simple plug and socket in the engine. No technical knowledge is required. Installation takes only a few seconds.

    Tuning box-unit Fiat Talento and scudo

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