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    Tuning box-units for Skoda models

    P-Tronic, Skoda's growth partner

    The P-Tronic power and torque increase tuning box-unit for Skoda is available for both TDI and TSI diesel engines, as well as natural gas and hybrid engines. This is enough to boost the performance of most of the current models of a manufacturer renowned for its quality vehicles and low prices.

    The engines of the Octavia I TDI were the first to take the path of increased performance combined with reduced consumption via our external reprogramming. This arrival was closely linked to the takeover of Skoda by the VW group at the beginning of the 1990s, which was to mark the beginning of a real revival of the brand in terms of models and engines. The Octavia I was to be the first to inherit the famous TDI by taking over in 1996 the name of the saloon which had replaced the Skoda 440 and 445 at the beginning of the 1960s. The history of the brand is not new. Its automobile division was created in 1919. It began to develop six years later following the takeover of Laurin & Klement, but it was its takeover by VW that initiated the international scope and popularity that we know today.

    Diesel and petrol engines

    After the Octavia I in TDI configuration, the Fabia I and Superb I followed suit before the Roomster, Yeti and Rapid. At the same time, the manufacturer's range of engines has developed and the P-Tronic tuning box-units have followed the trend. From the TDI with a pump injector, these Skodas have switched to the Common Rail 1.6 and 2.0 TDI. TSI petrol solutions have also been added to the diesel engines, from the smallest 1.0 TSI engine to the 2.0 RS, via the 1.4, 1.5 and 1.8 TSI. On average, the box-units associated with these engines increase power and torque by 25 to 30 percent while reducing diesel or petrol consumption by up to 15 percent.

    Boxes for the Kodiaq, Karoq and Kamiq SUVs

    In addition to the renewal of the ranges (the Fabia, Octavia and Superb are in their fourth generation...), Skoda has made a convincing entry into the world of SUVs with the launch of the large Kodiaq, the compact Karoq and then the urban crossover Kamiq. This covers the whole range and offers a response to all consumer aspirations. So much so that there are now 180 Skoda vehicles in the P-Tronic tuning box-unit catalogue. And this applies to both TDI, TSI, G-Tec natural gas and hybrid engines. This last evolution is illustrated by the reprogramming of the Octavia 1.0 TSI e-Tec micro-hybrid engine or the 1.4 TSI Hybrid of the Superb. Proof that P-Tronic is accompanying the evolution of the Czech manufacturer.

    Tuning boxes for Skoda Scala, Superb and Karoq

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